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Spark Plugs & Glow Plugs

Spark Plugs 101: Everything You Need to Know

Your engine burns a complement of fuel and oxygen to produce the power it runs on, but it can't do that on its own. Spark plugs start the process.

How They Work

When you turn your vehicle's key in its ignition's lock cylinder, an ignition switch triggers, activating ignition parts like your battery, starter motor, solenoid, and ignition coil. They work together to send an electrical charge, a "spark," to the plugs' leads. When electricity reaches them, the air and gas inside your engine combust, releasing power. Your engine pistons, crankshaft, and the many other parts that move your vehicle then get going, and so do you.

Without spark plugs, though, neither car nor truck, SUV nor van, could start at all. To make things worse, they can go bad sooner or later. Luckily, there are symptoms that can warn you.

Signs They're Failing

Look for:

  • Decaying or excessively widened leads
  • Weak electrical conductivity
  • A misfiring engine
  • Engine failure
  • The worst-case scenario is breakage: a broken spark plug can severely damage the engine's cylinders.

    How Long They Last Otherwise

    Usually, for millions of ignitions, up to 100,000 miles. Those that aren't regular copper are made of platinum or iridium and extended-life. Whichever you end up using, you'll have to replace them before they reach their recommended mileage limits either way.

    What Your Vehicle Needs

    That depends on your brand and model, but genuine spark plugs work best regardless.

    Why You Should Buy Genuine OEM

    Mopar® designs them to work with your vehicle specifically. That's not something every aftermarket spark plug brand can necessarily promise.

    Where to Order Replacement Mopar Spark Plugs

    Right here online, at our auto parts store. Just browse our catalogue by make, model, and model year to find the right fit. Order them now, and we'll ship fast, right to your address.