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If you drive an EV, you already know how you're benefiting the environment. However, there are some extra precautions you need to take when driving an electric vehicle Those include ensuring that you leave home on a full charge, since you can't just pull into a gas station to add a splash of fuel to get you to your destination.

Electric charging is easier than you might think, especially when you install an EV charger at your home. Not only does that ensure that your ride is ready to roll, but it also allows you to determine the type of charger you use.

Types of EV Chargers

There are three, but the first two are the most common for home use.

  • Level 1: this is a standard 120-volt wall outlet, which produces up to 5 miles of range per hour when charging. Your EV likely came with one, since these require no special installation.
  • Level 2: this type uses a 240-volt outlet, which is the same as the typical household dryer. Typically found in public locations, and they deliver an average of 25 miles of range per hour -- making them ideal for quick charging since you can get a full charge overnight. You may need to hire a qualified electrician to install this kind of charger.
  • DC Fast Charging: This is the quickest charging option of all, and can get your EV up to 80% charged within 30 minutes.
  • Why Buy Genuine OEM Chargers From Our Online Parts Store

    First, we only sell the genuine EV chargers that were made by your manufacturer, and specifically to work with your EV. Plus the EV chargers we sell are Level 2, so you can be sure of a full charge when you set out to start every day.

    Our charging stations can be mounted either indoor or outdoor, and feature a 25-foot cable and a J1772 compliant connection. They even have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to allow you to manage charging via a mobile app!

    We make it easy to find the right EV charger, too. Search our online catalogue by your make, model, and model year. The results that pop up are guaranteed to be compatible with your vehicle, adding the peace of mind you want when shopping online. Buy today and we'll get your order shipped right out!

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